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Why the Mosaic is Unlike Any Other Museum

The Mosaic is a museum like no other. Situated in the heart of Atlanta, in the historic Cascade Heights community, this unique space takes its visitors far beyond the ATL, on a transformative journey around the world.

Here you’ll find carefully selected art and artifacts from the indigenous people of the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and even Old Europe. Each of the exhibits tells a story, and a greater story can be found in the connections between the items themselves. And everything is fascinating!

At the Mosaic, everyone’s experience will be special. Visitors say they can feel the objects – especially our ritual masks and statues – speaking to them! The energy here is that strong. It’s something you simply have to experience for yourself – and it’s child and family-friendly!

Housed in a sprawling brick home designed for this vision, each of the 12 rooms offer an immersive experience soaking up the culture and sacred traditions of the global majority – the Black, brown, red, and yellow nations of the world that are now in its most marginalized spaces.

The Mosaic counters this post-colonial narrative by presenting these items – especially those associated with the poor and colonized – in a setting that represents modern royalty, pride, and honor. Today’s children – of all backgrounds – should experience this experiment in cultural and historical redesign.

The first floor houses an exhibit space for every part of the world, a library and fossil archive, as well as a guest suite and meditation room. Asia is split into two exhibitions, while the Native Americas and Africa each occupy two-story spaces at far ends of the museum.

The second floor hosts guest rooms for visitors booking an overnight stay, where extended collections from both the Mosaic and its art gallery can be found.

In the space below the Museum, you’ll find the Gallery of the Original and an artist’s studio.

Outdoors, you’ll find a growing sculpture garden frequented by deer and other wildlife, as well as walking trails leading to the Lionel Hampton Nature Preserve.

Few museums seek to reimagine “history” or the traditional Western narrative of the past. Mosaic accomplishes this radical goal by reclaiming “ourstory,” celebrating the world’s diverse cultures, our many ancestors, and their timeless contributions to our modern world. In a time when indigenous communities are under greater threat than ever before, all of our children should grow up with this perspective on life!

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