The Mosaic Museum

Reimagining History, Reclaiming Ourstory

Why the Mosaic is Unlike Any
Other Museum

The Mosaic is a museum like no other. Situated in the heart of Atlanta, in the historic Cascade Heights community, this unique space takes its visitors far beyond the ATL, on a transformative journey around the world.

Here you’ll find carefully selected art and artifacts from the indigenous people of the Americas, Asia, Africa, the Pacific, and even Old Europe. Each of the exhibits tells a story, and a greater story can be found in the connections between the items themselves. And everything is fascinating!
More About the Mosaic

The Mosaic Hosts

10 Galleries of Indigenous Culture

The Americas, East Asia, South Asia,The Middle East, Africa, Europe, The Pacific, Australia, Southeast Asia, and Modern America


Research Library, Archives, Conservation Room, Bookstore & Gift shop, Art Gallery, Art and Restoration Studio

Collections At The Mosaic

Prehistoric Fossil collection, Ceremonial Mask collection, Ritual Object collection, Traditional Folk Art collection, Living Deities collection and more.


The Georgia Association of Museums and Galleries lists only TEN museums within the city limits of Atlanta. The Museum of Sacred Art and Indigenous Culture is the only one in southwest Atlanta!

The Mosaic is a member of the GAMG, as well as the Small Museum Association. the Southeastern Museums Conference, the American Alliance of Museums, the National Association of Museum Exhibition, and the North American Reciprocal Museum Association.

The Mosaic is also a proud member of the Solutionary educational community, the Righteous Family minority business cooperative, and the GotoAtl network of Atlanta galleries and family-friendly cultural experiences.

What Happens at the Mosaic?

Upcoming Events and TSI Sponsored Classes

Fall 2019

Upcoming Events

Check here for all upcoming event announcements from The Mosaic.

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What Else?

Cultural Events


Child Naming Ceremonies

Gallery Events

Classes on History, Conversation, and Restoration

Live Auctions


  • Upcoming Exhibitions
    • Black gods of the ancient world
    • Black Rebellion: African uprisings since the ancient roman empire
    • The black woman is the earth – mother goddesses from across cultures
    • Real Vibranium – sacred objects, ancestral energies, and ritual power
    • The Martial Arts – weapons and tools from the world’s fighting traditions
    • Music is a Universal Language – instruments from across the indigenous diaspora
    • Modern Folk Art – crafts and artworks from indigenous artisans across the world
    • The original vegans: the indigenous history of plant-based cuisine
    • When the world was black: melanin rich skin in indigenous and ancient cultures
    • Modern natural hair and its ancient indigenous roots
    • Drums and hot sauce: common culture across Black and indigenous communities
    • A Taste of Life: Healthy Foods from across the indigenous world
    • The Sun Moon and Stars: astrology and astronomy from the ancient world

How to Experience the Mosaic

We’re always hosting education events and exhibitions at the Mosaic! For our workshop, exhibition, and event calendar, go to You can also book a tour for your group. We host parties of every size, from four to fifty guests at a time.

Booking a Museum Tour

Contact Us to see the artifacts we have on exhibit. Book a tour of the Mosaic Museum.

Booking a Group Tour

To book a full-day group tour of the Solutionary Institute’s West Atlanta campus, including meals and transportation, Contact Us.

Booking Event Space

Need an amazing space for your next event? The Mosaic has hosted weddings, baby showers, business conferences, cooking shows, and yoga classes. Contact Us about your next event!

Overnight Stays

Did you know you and your family can book an overnight stay at the Mosaic? We offer the following suite packages plus extras.
1 bed and bath $99 per night
3 beds and bath $189 per night
1 masterbed and bath $160 per night

Contact Us to make a reservation.

Filming and Photography

The Mosaic also lends its spaces to guests looking to create compelling visuals for their audiences. Contact Us about booking one of our spaces for your next film or photography project!


The Mosaic hosts live and online auctions. Join our Mailing List or Contact Us to receive emailed invitations to participate.

Donating to the Mosaic

Want to the support the Mosaic and our mission? Why not make a donation? You can donate  to us directly here, or Contact Us directly about donations of art or artifacts below.

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