Righteous Family is a business network and consortium for growing businesses serving the needs of Black and Indigenous communities. Members share resources and knowledge and promote together, aiming to scale up so our businesses can hire more people and offer retailer and franchise opportunities.

Join us and become part of the business network that will shape our collective future!

Membership Benefits

$10 A Month

  • Free Ebook and Digital Downloads
  • Community Lisiting
  • Membership Discounts


$20 A Month

  • Free Book in the Mail Each Month
  • Free Gifts
  • Membership Discounts


Current Programs

Buy a Pre-Built Business!
Ready to take your business to the next level? Or are you looking to start a new venture entirely? Why not take over one of the many businesses and brands we have for sale?

You’ll become the sole owner of the company name, logo, branding, domain name, website, marketing materials, and business plan.

In most cases, you’ll find all that’s left to do is promotion, as the existing business model is designed to generate easy income! Each brand is different, and some websites are more developed than others, but

After you take ownership of the domain, you’ll want to have your own account for website hosting. We can help with that. You’ll have the basics of your website established, with your contact information in place. You’ll be able to add and edit this site on your own later. You’ll also have a set of promotional graphics to be used online or as print marketing. We’ll even make you a business card. Don’t know where to get things printed? We can help with that as well. It’ll be up to you to build your company’s social media presence and website traffic by creating and sharing great content, but we’ll also point you to several online contractors who do that kind of work at great rates. What more could you ask for? Let’s review. You get:

  • Marketable Company Name
  • High-SEO Domain
  • Clear Income Structure
  • Complete Corporate Identity Package
  • Logo and Branding
  • Business Card Design
  • Letterhead Design
  • Stationary or Invoice Design
  • Basic Website Setup
  • Beautiful Promotional Graphics
  • Full Ownership of Brand
  • Web and Marketing Referrals

We wanted to make business ownership easier, so we’ve saved you a ton of time (and money!) by cutting out most of the work for you. You’ve just gotta have a passion for this sort of business, and you’ll find new ways to keep it increasingly profitable! We hope this opportunity is worth as much to you as we’ve invested into this program. If you consider the time, research, testing, and setup costs behind running a business that’s designed to be successful, you’d probably agree that it would take between $5k and $10k to get it right and be ready to launch, or a few years of time learning how to do it all yourself. Either way, we found a way to help you past this, and for way less time and money. You can become the proud owned of one of these business packages, which includes all of the above, for under $2000. So they’re going quickly! Take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime – this may be the brand that secures the next level of your life! Want to get involved with a brand but can’t invest? Why not contribute as a guest blogger? Write for us! Submit your writing to us at righteousfamily@gmail.com to get featured in our next publication or website. We pay between $5 and $15 for every article we republish. Do your best to write in short paragraphs and make it engaging! Make sure you include what website you’d like to contribute to in your email heading, as well as the best ways to look you up online (definitely FB and IG!) and how to contact you by phone as well. If we develop a long-term consistent relationship, we could credit your time with us towards making you a partner in an available business at no cost. Why? We want this Righteous Family to grow, and to give everyone possible a chance to grow into it!