The 120 Lessons

Looking for 120 Lessons?

Within the culture of Allah’s Five Percent, students learn 120 Degrees, and in each degree there may be an infinity of lessons to be found! Can you find these degrees online? Perhaps. They may not be right and exact. More importantly, can you learn the lessons online? Emphatically, no. It’s up to you, awakened by the call of the Five Percent, to take your own steps towards becoming a true and living God or Earth. As an Original person, this is your nature and your birthright. Learning Supreme Mathematics online can’t begin to approximate the experience of being among the Five Percenters who are on their duty and know their lessons.

Don’t know where to find them? Don’t know if this is the culture that would answer all of your questions? Start with some of the books below, which come from Five Percenters themselves. These books can be a great introduction to the culture that has truly shaped the world.

Over the past 55 years, the Gods and Earths have worked tirelessly, and without expectation of reward (besides peace and happiness!) to see a day when all our communities could know what this “Peace” means.

When you’ve read up enough, cleared your head and decided you’re ready to fast from food for three days (as is the tradition) and receive your Supreme Mathematics (in person, mouth to ear!), you’ll know how to find a local community of Gods and Earths who meet actively every month. And you’ll show up. You’ve got to. It’s that serious.

It’s great to be civilized (and not savage!) and even better to be righteous and honorable. Becoming a true and living God or Earth is beyond being a good person. And to learn what that means, you’ve got to learn the culture in person.

Need help after you’ve done your reading? Reach out and we’ll help however we can! Everyone should have this knowledge! And everyone should make sure they get it the right way, so they can use it the right way!

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